The Importance of Denitrification of Effluent Wastewater

Water is the one of the most important resources on planet Earth.  It is vital that we protect the quality of our water, and make sure it is safe for everyone who needs it throughout the world.  At Fluid Metering Inc. we understand the seriousness of making sure water is treated properly, and offer valveless piston pumps for the complete denitrification of effluent wastewater.  The amount of fresh water that is available on our planet is limited, so it is important to treat it properly.

Hazards of Nitrogen in Untreated Wastewater Effluent

In untreated wastewater effluent, nitrogen is present that in high concentrations can pose major environmental concerns when released into bays and watersheds.  As nitrogen is an end-product of the bacterial metabolism of ammonia, it can deplete dissolved oxygen in receiving water.  It also stimulates the growth of aquatic plant and algae growth which causes hypoxia and also blocks sunlight from reaching submerged marine life which creates a condition known as eutrophication.  Nitrate compounds in drinking water can also cause the human health condition known as methemoglobinemia which alters the oxygen-carrying capacity of hemoglobin.  Due to these hazards, it is important that the levels of nitrogen created during the wastewater treatment process be reduced before the effluent is discharged into the environment.

Effluent denitrification system

Denitrification Using Methanol

Using a process known as denitrification, water facilities convert the excess nitrates into nitrogen gas, which is then vented into the atmosphere instead of being released into waterways.  One of the most cost-effective denitrification options is with the use of methanol.  Methanol is used in wastewater applications as the carbon source that breaks down the nitrates.  Because methanol is volatile, wastewater treatment facilities need specific metering pumps that are specially designed to dispense the chemical.  Our CeramPump® line of valveless metering pumps is ideally suited for this.  Constructed from inert and corrosion resistant ceramic parts, with only one moving part in the fluid path, it is highly reliable and extremely precise with an output variation of only ±1% of set value.  The use of sapphire-hard, dimensionally stable, ceramic internal components allows precision manufacturing with tight clearances and the elimination of multiple check valves provides a metering pump that can self-prime down to the micro-liter range and never lose prime.


This year we will be at WEFTEC 2016 in New Orleans, LA from September 26-28.  This is the premier water quality conference for professionals looking for water quality solutions and the latest industry innovations focusing on protecting our water and environmental resources.  At booth #7416 our product experts will be on hand displaying our unique valveless pump technology and answering questions.  For more information visit our tradeshow section or contact us.

Where to Find FMI in 2016

2016 has been a busy year for Fluid Metering, Inc. as we have been attending great tradeshows all around the world, with still more to go!  We will be continuing to exhibit our valveless metering pumps, dispensers and our many other products at shows during the rest of 2016.  Locations where we will be attending shows include Shenzhen, China; Goyand, Korea; New Orleans, LA; Shanghai, China; Chicago, IL; and Dusseldorf, Germany.


The remaining shows we will be attending this year are centered towards a wide range of industries including shows for medical device manufacturers, automation systems, water quality solutions, laboratory technology and processing and packaging.  At these shows we will be exhibiting the many uses of our products.

On hand at each show will be experienced application specialists available to answer questions and provide product demonstrations.  Our Fluid Metering product specialists will also be available to review your specific requirements and recommend a solution that will meet your needs.

We will be at the International Component Manufacturing & Design Show at booth #H3-E19 in Shenzhen, China from August 30-September 1.  This show is for medical device manufacturers and upstream product suppliers.

From September 6-9 Fluid Metering will be in Goyang, Korea for the KOFAS 2016 (KINTEX) – International Factory Automation System Show.  This show is an exhibition specializing in automation systems and includes machinery companies and factory automation system manufacturers.

At the end of September we will be at WEFTEC 2016 in New Orleans, LA.  This is a water quality conference for professionals who are looking for water quality solutions.   Our application specialists will be on hand at booth # 7416 to demonstrate our water treatment products.

In October we will be at Analytica China in Shanghai in Hall N2, booth #2276.  This is an international trade fair for laboratory technology and biotechnology.

We will finish our 2016 tradeshow schedule in November with two shows.  First we will be at the PACK EXPO which is a joint venture with the Pharma EXPO from November 6-9.  This tradeshow is taking place in Chicago, IL and we will be at booth W-581.  After that we will be attending Medica/COMPAMED 2016 in Dusseldorf, Germany from November 14-17.  This is the world’s largest medical marketplace and a leading trade fair for the medical supplier industry.

For more information about the remaining shows we will be attending and exhibiting at, as well as any changes or updates, visit our tradeshow page.