Conquering the Challenges of Metering Concentrated Chemicals

Why metering highly concentrated chemicals are being used more frequently?

Various industries are seeing a dramatic increase in their use of high-concentration chemicals for countless different applications. For example, Pesticide & mosquito sprayers have found that the cost of transporting and storing large amounts of dilute malathion is significantly higher than shipping small concentrated volumes and diluting them on-site. The same is true for sodium hypochlorite, a disinfectant chemical used for water treatment, and industrial cleaning chemicals like the ones used in automatic car wash equipment. In most cases, users of dilute chemicals find that they are basically paying to ship and store large drums of chemicals that consist mostly of water.

The power generation industry also utilizes low-flow process metering of concentrated chemicals for many different applications, such as metering bromine into cooling towers for algae control, injecting hydrazine into boiler feed-lines for corrosion management, and more recently, a number of fuel cell fluidic applications.

However, metering chemicals at high concentrations comes with many challenges. As the concentration increases, the chemical feed rates must significantly decrease. At these low flows, the metering precision and long-term accuracy become more difficult to achieve. High-concentration chemicals typically have intensified corrosive properties to contend with as well.

The CeramPump® from Fluid Metering, Inc. having chemically inert, sapphire-hard ceramic internals can accommodate all of these application challenges. The valveless design, having only one moving part made of sapphire-hard ceramics, will maintain drift-free accuracy of better than 1% for millions of maintenance-free cycles, without the need for recalibration. These features make the CeramPump® ideal for low and micro-volume process applications. In addition, long-term drift-free accuracy makes the CeramPump® metering pumps especially suited for low flow process metering of concentrated chemicals applications. These chemical metering pumps are available in a variety of configurations ranging from simple lab pumps to complete programmable metering and dispensing systems, as well as many compact OEM designs for medical, analytical, and process instrumentation. Click on the video below to see how our pump works.


For assistance with a specific application use our “Live Help” at for a direct connection to Fluid Metering’s application experts, or use our secure Application Request Form to provide us with details of your project. One of our specialists will contact you to target a solution.

Meet FMI at this Year’s CHEM Show!

For companies involved in the process industries, including chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing, the biennial CHEM Show is an opportunity to showcase new products and learn about new technologies in the field. This year, Fluid Metering Inc. is excited to be a part of it.

Metering pumpsOn December 10-12th, New York City’s Javits Center will be host to the 2013 CHEM Show featuring the latest equipment and technology from over 300 exhibitors. In addition to the exhibits, there will be over 50 focused seminars and new product presentations.

As a leader in precision fluid control technology, we will be exhibiting a variety of their valveless metering pumps and dispensers via an eye-catching interactive display. In addition, Herb Werner, our 19-year veteran Marketing Manager for FMI, will be presenting our unique pumping technology as well as FMI’s new PDS-100 Programmable Dispensing System at the CHEM Show’s “New Technology Theater.” The presentation is scheduled for Wednesday, December 11th at 3:30pm in the New Technology Theater located within the CHEM Show Exhibit Hall.Herb Werner

This year, the CHEM Show expects to attract record international attendance as it follows the week of the annual Christmas Tree Lighting at Rockefeller Center, a worldwide symbol of the holidays in New York City. For more information about CHEM Show exhibits, seminar schedules, and registering for a visitor’s pass, visit the CHEM Show website.

FMI’s booth at the show is #723 and will be staffed with application specialists who can provide fluid control solutions for visitor applications. We hope to see you there!