What Are the Advantages of Using a Ceramic, Valveless Metering Pump?

The valveless CeramPump® technology was first patented by Fluid Metering over 55 years ago. Fluid Metering’s pumps, have only one moving part to accomplish both the pumping and valving functions, thereby eliminating the check valves that are present in all other reciprocating (syringe pumps, diaphragm pumps, bellows, piston) designs.

FMI Valveless Metering Pump uses a unique rotating and reciprocating ceramic piston, moving within a precision mated ceramic liner to accurately pump fluid in one direction without allowing any backflow. The reciprocation action of the piston is similar to a standard piston pump. As the piston moves back, it draws fluid into the pump chamber. As it moves forward, fluid is pushed out of the pump. The simultaneous rotation alternately aligns a flat of the end of the piston with inlet and outlet ports, effectively functioning as a valve. An animation of continuous metering using the CeramPump® principle can be found on Fluid Metering’s Web site at http://www.fluidmetering.com/how-it-works.html.

Valveless Metering Pump

There are a variety of key advantages that come with using FMI’s patented CeramPump® valveless piston pumping technology:

  • Valveless Design The valveless feature of the CeramPump® design is its most significant feature. There are typically four check valves present in diaphragm, bellows, and traditional piston pumps. Even during normal operation, these will wear over time and not seal properly allowing backflow. As a result, accuracy drifts and minimally the pumps need recalibration. Eventually, the check valves need to be serviced.
  • Ceramic Internals The CeramPump® uses sapphire-hard ceramics for both the piston and mated liner. These components are dimensionally stable in that they will not change shape or dimension over time. Therefore, the pumping chamber remains stable for millions of dispenses without downtime or recalibration. In addition to dimensionally stable they are chemically inert which allows our pump to work in a greater variety of chemicals.
  • Accuracy & Precision Throughout the pumping cycle the inlet and outlet ports of the FMI Valveless Metering Pump are never interconnect ensuring accurate fluid flow in one direction preventing any backflow (without check valves). As a result FMI pumps accuracy is held from microliters to the full flow range and output does not change more than ± 1% of set value. Inaccurate pumps can generate waste and incur extra costs. Check our Pay back Calculator to see how long it will take for a FMI pump to pay for itself.

Additional advantages that come with using a Valveless Ceramic Metering Pump for FMI can be found at http://fluidmetering.com/features-benefits.html.

For more information, Call toll free 1-800-223-3388 or 1-516-922-6050, or use our “Live Help”, for a direct connection to Fluid Metering’s application experts.

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