Valveless Metering Pumps for your Blood Work

In the medical and healthcare professions, it’s not uncommon for patients to provide blood samples for medical diagnosis. Typically, the patient goes to a doctor or health facility, gives some blood, and then is off without fully understanding what happens next with the sample. Even some of the healthcare professionals may not know each step that is taken in order to complete the testing of the samples. How is this possible?

Typically, a blood sample is taken and inserted into a machine that can separate it and add a number of reagents in order to test the blood for various conditions. Depending on the machine used, there are pumps within the machine that work behind the scenes in order to accurately dispense and meter the blood and reagents. While syringe pumps have been widely used in clinical instrumentation and blood analyzers, they are not the only pump technology out there; this is where our pumps step in. The valveless metering technology we have created can work more accurately behind the scenes to provide tests that are more on target. With our technology, smaller volumes of blood can be taken with a higher number of reagents added. Our pump technology allows for the blood analyzers to perform more tests with less blood samples.

Clinical instrumentation and medical equipment are all designed with many different parts in mind in order for them to perform their functions as efficiently and accurately as possible. We understand the importance of precise blood testing, which is why we created pumps that execute their roles in the highest way possible.